Emerging media & the world around us

Have you ever thought about how truly inundated you are with the media? Whether you wake up and watch, Good Morning America, Spend time scrolling through Facebook on your lunch break or the random advertisements that show up in your Google search, we are constantly bombarded with clutter. It once was predicted by the year 2015 that consumption of media in the United States would increase to 15.5 hours a day. That’s a whopping 65% of our day. Emerging media matters because we are living and breathing it. And the countless breaths don’t begin at adulthood. We have reached a generation of guaranteed exposure within our youth.

Last November, my 9 year old child was exposed to the Hour Of Code, a global movement of empowering children in computer science.


(Image Source: Hour Of Code)

Already at a young age of kindergarten we are exposing our youth to technology. I personally wasn’t introduced to the worldwide web until high school, outside of Solitaire or Notebook on a bulky Macintosh computer. (That was the apple I remember!)

Who remembers this?


(Image Source: digitpedia.com)

Almost 20 years later, I am holding a lens to a multi-faceted, rapidly evolving media landscape dissecting what I hope is what people want to see when they flip and open browser after browser of clutter. In the profession of marketing, we have to redefine our brand strategies to acclimate to trends within our society. It’s not enough to just have a social media presence or a melting pot of marketing tactics, we have to be able to tell a story if we are going to capture many generations to come. With the knowledge that they will have when they are our age, it has to drive emotion and resonance.

One campaign that resonates with me as a child is “Got Milk.” I remember all my favorite characters dressing up, showing off their milk mustache. As an adult, I can appreciate that the “Got Milk” campaign was conceptualized to bring “a certain kind of irreplaceability to milk…” According to Jeff Goodby of the advertising agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. For me, at any age, it was about brand association. The simplicity of the campaign but the flexibility in the various athletes, models and actors who donned the milk mustache made the campaign all the more versatile.

We all had a little boy band in us!


(Image Source: www.gurl.com)

So what do we want our children to remember? What hilarious Super Bowl commercial will they share across social media as their #TBT (Throwback Thursday) when they are our age? Whatever it is, for the next 20 plus years, I hope to become a part of marketing history.





4 thoughts on “Emerging media & the world around us

  1. Very nice blog entry Sarah. You were able to combine contemporary elements in your look at emerging media while simultaneously taking us on walk down memory lane. Times have really changed. The speed at which information is disseminated and how social media has become a powerful connection tool, as well as, a truly viable communication powerhouse. So much of what of what we are able to do via the emerging media landscape of blogs and Periscope, Facebook and Instagram allows us to share in a way that we couldn’t before. Live impromptu meet and greets on air with social media influencers, celebrities, industry experts – used to require planning and a ticket purchase. In the past someone with specialized expertise needed to create a website and then maintain it before you as individual could have a web presence. Now, you can potential build a website, host a conference/meeting via iOffice, write a blog just because you want to share or show the world your talent , on your terms in a YouTube video. It’s all really amazing. I’m glad to be apart of this time and place in technology.

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  2. Thank you! I couldn’t agree more that times have changed drastically. It will be interesting to have conversations in the future with my child or other younger individuals and analyze truly how different technology has evolved and the impact it has on our lives! Thanks for your comment!


  3. Such a great blog post Sarah! AHHHH how I used to love the Backstreet boys! This was a great depiction of how brands can catch consumers attention. Another great aspect that brands focus on is emotion. One brand that comes to mind is Budweiser. Their puppy commercials pull on my heart strings. It wasn’t just about a cute puppy that caught the audiences attention but about the bond between the puppy and his owner. Brands that can pull that emotion out of their consumers also gain loyalty. However I did see an argument that made me think. Is it possible that Budweiser targets an older age range and has less of an appeal to the younger audience? What are your thoughts?


    • Hi Jessica,

      Thank you for the comment! I personally was never into boy bands but I love some JT now! In regards to emotions in ads, I certainly agree with you that anytime a company can resonate with consumers on an emotional level, they are more likely to capture their attention in the future. I also think as far age demographics go, it’s about the tone and content of the message. By using animals, Budweiser was able to grab the attention of probably everyone in the room with that commercial! If done properly, many companies can expand their reach and possibly capture the attention of people they were not intending to. For the sake of your example however, I hope children or teens say no to beer! 🙂


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