Discover Something New.

Since the first day that I decided to go back to school and pursue my Master’s Degree, I have been happy to learn something new everyday this year. However, I recently discovered the term, “Internet of Things.” I would never ever consider my self a tech savvy individual. I am lucky if I can go six months without carrying around a smart phone without a gigantic cracked screen but when researching the Internet of Things, I discovered a world unknown to me. We are truly living in a technology driven era where our lives, if we choose (or can afford) to live this way, can be solely reliant upon enchanted objects. An industry that is set to grow $2.5 trillion in revenue by the year 2020.

For the sake of ease, I will focus on one particular object that tickled my fancy: The Google Latitude Doorbell, created at the MIT Media Lab, chimes a tune when a family member is approaching the house. While my husband would hate this because then he wouldn’t catch me watching “Gray’s Anatomy” for the 1,500 time. But honestly, it truly scares me to think what other devices are capable of tracking our every move.


Sometimes without acknowledging that are giving up a little bit of our private selves, we name our exact location on social media. It was reported that 31% of users location tagging simply because it’s easy to do, so why not?


Perhaps given the opportunity, I would choose the convenience the doorbell offers but will our privacy be at risk or comprised? It was reported that 40% of Millenials over the age of 35, are more than willing to share their personal information in exchange for something in return. So although enchanted objects are exciting, they offer a service we have never had access to. Only time will tell what information about ourselves is collected and how it is used. So I leave you with this. Discover something new. If you could choose, what would be your ideal enchanted object? No matter what you say, just think about what you would be giving up. Would you trade it for a fun new toy?


4 thoughts on “Discover Something New.

  1. I think I decided, this week, that I am just going to have to embrace all of it. I feel like I’ve inadvertantly given all sorts of private info, so it’s too late..might as well opt in! So, with that..I’d really like an umbrella that tells me to take it with me when its raining!!!


  2. Technology is advancing so fast, it is almost impossible to keep pace. I am fascinated by all the conveniences that are available today, but have resisted taking advantage of technology over privacy concerns. To be honest, I have probably missed out on some opportunities, but I continue to distrust how my personal information will be used. I hope that privacy disclosures and consumer protection will begin to advance as rapidly as technology. The doorbell is a great idea!


    • Thank you for your response! I agree with you on your continuation to distrust how your information is being used. The sad reality is we just don’t have an accurate picture of how often and where our information is being used. That is the part that scares me. For example, I recently signed up to receive newsletter updates from a particular company and ever since then I have ended up on a countless number of other accounts related to the subject in which I have no recollection of signing up for and this is just one of example. Like you mentioned, hopefully the disclosures advance sooner than later!


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