Social media should not be a chore

This may be quite an embarrassing disclosure that I am getting ready to share with all of you but I am curious to see if anyone else feels the same way. Day in and day out, we breathe marketing. Whether we are combing through the ever changing landscape of trends and best practices or buried in analytics across multiple platforms, social media is a living and breathing organism to us. But here it goes…

I only utilize Facebook on a consistent basis. I do have a Twitter account but couldn’t even tell you what my twitter handle is. I lack a personal Instagram account and I never post on LinkedIn. Before anyone judges me, there is a huge laundry list of famous people, to include Bradley Cooper, who are also on this bandwagon.

But what does it mean when a company still to this day, does not have a social media presence? The following article from 2014 outlines 4 very well-known companies that still do not have official social media platforms; Trader Joe’s, Marlboro, Apple and Viagra. Interestingly enough, Viagra cited in the article that their lack of social media is primarily a result of FDA regulations.

The following infograph illustrates several benefits of social media. Can you think of any others?


When digging deeper into the subject, the consensus seems to be compelling as to why a company SHOULD be using social media and very little focus on those who are not. But the emphasis is if you are going to do it, do it right. So I leave you with this… At the end of the day updating my own personal social media accounts seems like a chore. The last thing I want to do is sit in front of a screen longer than I already do. So if I am not going to give it my all and stick to it then perhaps I am wasting my time. Companies are the same way. Don’t spend time analyzing trends if you aren’t going to engage with your audience on a consistent basis.

Happy Tweeting!


4 thoughts on “Social media should not be a chore

  1. I feel you on this topic! There are many days where I simply cannot force myself to spend one more minute on my phone or computer.As much time as we spend working in the industry and keeping up to date on current trends, I think it’s important to find the right time to turn off social media. Personally, I delete the facebook application from my phone during the week so I can turn off all of the noise. On the other hand is personal choice a and this is is my personal account that I am turning off. From a business perspective, I think that some companies do need social media not only to get the word out about their business, but I think for small and even mid-level companies, customers expect to be able to connect with a company on social media, even if it is just to see that there is a real person on the other end of the business. In the end I also think that companies can find ways to have fun with their social media in a way that doesn’t always exhaust the consumer with advertisements and information – similar to the way these brands participated in pi day:

    All in all – I think it is a matter of balance – it takes some time to find, but once you find value in social media as a marketer and figure out how to balance that between personal and business, it can become an essential tool!


  2. Hi Sarah. I think it is important to look at companies without strong social media presences (like Apple and Trader Joe’s) and to try to understand how they are achieving success offline rather than online. Apple has always exuded an air of premium-ness and exclusivity (even though their products are fairly common), and so I feel this is probably one reason they are able to shy away from social media.

    I studied luxury brands in my Masters program and found that creating strong online presences was tricky for the companies, because it could reduce their exclusivity and brand equity. While many brands benefit from more transparency and easier access, others might lose their appeal with that approach.

    Great food for thought.


    • I think that’s such a great point Kaleb! The article I linked in my post talks precisely to that affect regarding Apple’s notable success and how their following is so large without a strong social media presence. I too, market a more luxury travel experience and I can certainly see the difficulty in targeted my specific audience in addition to focusing on the luxury and exoticness of the product across certain channels.

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